Greetings. I am a professor of philosophy at Brooklyn College of The City University of New York.  Here is my Amazon author’s page; I have written books on the politics of technology, the legal theory of artificial intelligence, military aviation history (my latest book in this genre has just been released), and cricket. This interview with 3AM Magazine provides some background on my work. (I began my academic career as a logician; this post explains why I am no longer one.)

I am currently working on:

  • a popular examination of the relationship of Bollywood war movies to the ‘Indian popular imagination’ (Bollywood Goes to War, contracted with HarperCollins);
  • a philosophical inquiry into the work of the Indian director, Shyam Benegal (Shyam Benegal: Philosopher and Filmmaker, contracted with Bloomsbury Academic.)

I have contributed articles to Aeon, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Nation, JacobinThe Washington Spectator, and Outlook and Open magazines. A link to these writings can be found–besides through the links above–in the Miscellaneous Writings page. I used to blog on the sport of cricket at ESPNcricinfo, at The Cordon. Since September 2017, I have been writing longform essays every four weeks or so as a guest columnist at Three Quarks Daily.

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  1. fleybovich says:

    How did you become a blogger? I recently began blogging about a topic that fascinates me, I call The Rule of Opposites. As a philosophy professor at Brooklyn College, would you be able to contribute some of your writing to the blog? My most recent blog post is @ theruleofopposites.com

  2. Dear Samir Chopra : From your physiognomy, you MUST BE one of the 2 sons of my classmate and friend Pramod Chopra, {Late Squadron Leader P. C. Chopra, IAF, VrC and Bar ! And your Mom at GK ??} ! Are you {AFCS-Subroto Park and/or St. Paul’s Darjeeling ? I enjoyed reading your 1965 book at the USI, where I sit occasionally to finish my Quartet on The Evil Empire which begins in Nagalnd and goes through 1962 ! Hari Dang

    Friday, 10th January, 2014
    From : Hari Dang Padma Shri
    Formerly SchoolMaster at The Doon School, Dehra Dun; Principal, The Army Public School; Principal, The Air Force School; Rector, St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling
    [pro-tem Chairman, Board of Governors / Chief Editor] Founder-Member, CENDEVEN, TASD, TWECS;
    SURGE, Gurgaon; INTACH and PCED, New Delhi. Centre for Development and Environment and Environment {CENDEVEN} : Water, Wildlife, Tiger, Forest, Education; W&C and Employment Generation; and R-E & Solar Energy Research Viability and Applicability Centre since 1990;
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    924, Sector 17-B, Gurgaon-122001, Haryana (NCR), India;
    Telephones : 2342290;4015433;Telefax : 4015433 ; Mobile:9810743433; Office :09871540419
    Email: haridang5@gmail.com
    Website : sustainabledevelopmentonline.org
    Quarterly Global Forum for Environmental Conservation and Equitable Development
    Permanent Residential Address & Regd. Office: TASD at WILDERNESS HOUSE / DABUR HOUSE
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  3. Sanay Shah says:

    Hey samir!

    Read your post about fountain owns. Was great.

    I am a 17 year old artisan entrepreneur from Bombay and I make fountain pens by hand! I use rosewood, burlwood, resin etc and a German nib and converter. I use three things to make my pens:a lathe, a drilling machine and my hands 🙂

    If you would like to purchase one,please email me on sanayshah1996@gmail.com ! Thanks.


  4. Hi Samir, I just read your quietly eloquent eulogy to Phil Hughes and was so touched. Just about what I felt, really. What a tragedy.

    I’m writing to ask if you’d be willing to take a look at my recent book, “Final Test: Exit Sachin Tendulkar”. Tunku Varadarajan wrote an appreciative review in Open, here: (see http://is.gd/Sm5fma) — the review called it a “minor classic” and had these lines: “The Indian cricket fan, ill-served for years by Indian cricket writers, has, at last, a reason to rejoice: Dilip D’Souza, a Mumbai-based journalist, has published a book called Final Test, on Sachin Tendulkar’s last Test match for India in November 2013. It is an unusual cricket book, being both unyieldingly microscopic and sweepingly contemplative, and brimming with digressions into politics, literature and sociology.”

    Some of what he says is why I thought that you, particularly, might be interested in it. Do let me know.

    dilip d’souza

  5. Natarajan says:

    Hi Samir,

    Read your interesting article here – http://www.espncricinfo.com/blogs/content/story/703921.html

    And here is a scan copy that I found in internet.


  6. gaurav1729 says:

    I enjoy your blog very much! As you write about cricket, too, you may be interested in this article I wrote: https://imaginaryimage.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/5/. It was motivated as an attempt to explain to beginners *why* cricket is interesting, but I think it became an article to explain to myself why I enjoy it.

  7. Hello,
    I recently began to explore espncricinfo and came across some of your articles. Having been a great fan of the game since forever, I really liked your articles. Just wondering, who is your favourite cricketer?
    PS- Mine is Ganguly.

    Thanking you,

    Rishabh Bhasin

  8. Akshay says:

    Hi Samir,

    We are HITWICKET. A one of its kind cricket management game. We share your passion for cricket and are very excited about launching our very own blog post to keep our ever so enthusiastic cricket fans and family an exciting blog to read up on. We would like to feature an article by you on our blog. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  9. Alfredo Rodriguez says:

    Professor Chopra,

    You taught a course in American Pragmatism at the CUNY Graduate Center, which I really enjoyed and learned a great amount in. I vaguely remember you being involved in several different ventures, hence my reason for this post. I’d love to hear in more detail how one might be able to integrate two or more areas of intellectual interest, for example, philosophy and cricket, into a successful career. By successful I mean, one that provides a decent standard of living, yet allows one to gain a sense of accomplishment. To be more precise, I am an accountant working in the banking industry for 15 years and counting, but decided to study philosophy and political theory several years ago. Philosophy and Accounting/Finance both demand critical and analytical thinking, but there are vast differences in methodologies and purposes. I have to admit the gulf between these two disciplines is great, but I’m hoping you have some insight, or can direct me to helpful resources, that may help me reconcile the two.

    Many thanks,

    A. Rodriguez

  10. Love your blog Samir. Trying to subscribe or whatever so hopefully filling out this form will do the trick.

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  12. Fiona says:

    I’ve just enjoyed reading your piece on psychotherapy and time travel. Thank you for posting it and reading it has brightened up my morning here in the Wicklow hills in Ireland. Go raibh maith agat, Fiona

  13. […] SIFFERD (Elmhurst College) GREGG D. CARUSO (SUNY-Corning) SAMIR CHOPRA (CUNY-Brooklyn College) ALLEN HABIB (University of […]

  14. Etush says:

    Hi Samir, i was researching on the war of 1971-Liberation of East Pakistan, and got my hands on your book – Eagles over Bangladesh, it’s a brilliant read. I need more details on the same, is there a way i can get in touch with you over an email id.

  15. Usman Cheema says:

    Hi Samir,

    I read your article How to Become Punjabi in New York City on Voices of NY. As a fellow Punjabi born and raised in New York City, I’m going through the same struggles in preserving my Punjabi identity and wanting to speak Punjabi. I would like to get your contact information and talk about this further in depth and perhaps meet each other since we’re both Punjabis.

    Thank You
    Usman Cheema

  16. […] .wave { padding: .5rem 0; font-size: 16px; } .wave dt { color: silver; font-weight: normal; } .wave dt, .wave dd { display: inline-block; line-height: 30px; } .wave dd { margin: 0; padding: none; } .wave a { display: block; width: 1em; height: 1em; background: silver; border-radius: 50%; height: 30px; width: 30px; position: relative; } .wave a span { display: none; } .wave a svg path, .wave a svg polygon { fill: white; } .wave a svg { max-width: 100%; height: auto; width: 16px; position: relative; left: calc(50% – .5em); top: calc(50% – 12px); } .via-googleplus a svg { top: calc(50% – 13px); } .via-twitter a svg { top: calc(50% – 12px); } .via-facebook a svg { top: calc(50% – 13px); } .via-email a svg { top: calc(50% – 13px); } .via-googleplus a:hover { background-color: #dd4b39; } .via-twitter a:hover { background-color: #1DA1F4; } .via-facebook a:hover { background-color: #3b5998; } .via-email a:hover { background-color: #777; } Samir Chopra […]

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