Miscellaneous Writings

Aeon Magazine

End Intellectual Property

The Usefulness Of Dread

Anxiety isn’t a pathology. It drives us to push back the unknown

Los Angeles Review of Books

Oscar López Rivera and the Cabanillas

Jacobin Magazine

The Wrong Kind of Experience

The Nation

Computer Programs Are People, Too.

Three Quarks Daily

SN Balagangadhara and Rajiv Malhotra On Reversing The Gaze

‘Passing for Pakistani’ And The Two-Nation Theory

Conservatives, Immigrants, and the Romantic Imagination

Social Media and the Training Of Our Minds

Prison Literature: Constraint and Creativity

Speaking in Tongues: Accents and Identity

Washington Spectator

Thanks to some funky processing of URLs, the following links do not seem to work, but all of the articles listed below can be found at this link which lists all articles written by me for the Washington Spectator.

Money, Ideology, Discipline

The Cult of the Coach

Prohibition’s Central Incoherence

David Brooks Smoked Weed So You Didn’t Have To

The Morons Strike Again

Syria: Should We Stay or Should We Go?

Corporations Don’t Always Win

A Progressive Agenda Amid Institutionalized Perils

Petraeus and the Military-Industrial-Corporate Complex

The Mostly Untold Story of the NSA

The PSC-CUNY Clarion

Aaron Swartz and the Future of Academic Publishing 

Open Magazine

The Zen of Weightlifting

Saying No to St. Stephen’s.

On Strike in Outer Space

Outlook Magazine

Finally, It Weighs Like a Ton

One-Day In Wonderland

Voices of New York

How to Become Punjabi in New York City

The Cordon at ESPN-Cricinfo

All posts link

2016 Wisden Cricket Almanack (India) 

The Philosopher’s Calling

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