The Law of Artificial Agents

Introduction: A Legal Theory for Autonomous Artificial Agents (co-authored with Laurence White), represents the first book-length treatment of a legal theory for artificial intelligence. It aims to develop the outlines of a theory of legal agency (with or without legal personality) for artificial agents in a manner that is doctrinally satisfying, philosophically coherent, and protective of human interests.

“Chopra and White have produced an important and fascinating book on the emerging law of artificial agents. Their work combines a sophisticated understanding of technology with a deep insight about the law. The result is a magisterial survey that ranges over topics from tort liability for bots to the possibility that artificially intelligent agents might acquire legal personhood.”

— Lawrence B. Solum, University of Illinois

“In this rigorous and enlightening analysis, Chopra and White . . . effortlessly move from profound examinations of the philosophy of artificial intelligence to practical legal responses to current problems. . . . Chopra and White are indispensable guides to the legal dilemmas of an increasingly automated world.”

— Frank A. Pasquale, University of Maryland Law School

Review: A review by David Coady of the University of Tasmania (37 Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy, 2012, pp. 349-350)

Review by Jorge Martins Rosa.

Online Symposium: The following links will take you to an online symposium on my book, A Legal Theory for Autonomous Artificial Agentsconducted by the legal theory blog Concurring Opinions. (The posts are in reverse chronological order – newest post first, so you will have to go back to find the first ones).

Conference papers:

Privacy and Artificial Agents, Or, Is Google Reading My Email? in Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2007

Attribution of Knowledge to Artificial Agents and their Principals in Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2005

Artificial Agents – Personhood in Law and Philosophy in Proceedings of the European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2004

Essays, Interviews, Talks:

An essay in the The Nation on the subject of legal agency (and possibly personhood) for artificial agents.

Podcast with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on ‘Automation, Employment, and ‘A Legal Theory for Autonomous Artificial Agents.’

Video of talk at Personhood Beyond the Human Conference at Yale University on ‘Personhood for Artificial Agents to Animals’ Rights.’

All posts on this blog on artificial agents.

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