In the Press

Video Dialogue with John Tambornino on Philosophy, Philosophical Practice and the US’ Racial Crisis

Video Podcast with Seize the Moment on Psychedelics, Philosophy, and Mental Health

Video Podcast with Seize The Moment on Philosophy and Anxiety

Audio Podcast with The Grasshopper and the Ant on Philosophical Counseling And Anxiety

Talking About ‘Intellectual Property’ On ‘Counterpoint with Amanda Vanstone’

On The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)’s The Philosopher’s Zone

Slate: Your Algorithms Cheat Sheet

Liability in an Autonomous Age

The PSC-CUNY Clarion: Brooklyn College Prof Mulls Robot Laws

Crossfit Journal: The Written Word

3AM Magazine: Go Hack Yourself: Interview by Richard Marshall

THNKR: Cloud Atlas Demystified: An Interview

New York Times: At Crossfit, A Military Regimen with Geek Appeal

The ABC’s Future Tense: Automation, employment, and A Legal Theory for Autonomous Artificial Agents

Should We Put Robots On Trial?

The Day When Three Astronauts Staged A Strike In Space

Extremist Targets Two Members at Brooklyn

David Horowitz Is Putting Up Posters Calling Brooklyn College Students Terrorist Supporters 

One thought on “In the Press

  1. Good grief what a story, a painful one. Yes, anxiety is deep; but at that moment there would also have been deep grief. And I too went for therapy in Manhattan while I lived in East Village and taught in Stony Brook. Grief in underresearched by philosophers. I have tried, in conversation with Robert C. Solomon, who untimely death brought more grief. You may see on my site: ; comments welcome. I want to write an Aeon piece from that someday soon if I could get Dresser interested. Hope yuo enjoyed Australia: I hail from there. Now hanging out in Berkeley. Best Purushottama Bilimoria

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