Happy Birthday Blog!

My blog turns one today. My first post went up on 13 November 2011 and some three hundred and twenty posts have gone up since then. I started to blog because quite simply, all too often, I’d catch myself saying, ‘Really? I don’t think so!’ or ‘Really? How interesting!’ in response to something I’d read or seen or experienced, and wanted a place to write down my responses. I also wanted to reminisce a bit when I felt like it. What I was looking for, it seems, was a letter-to-the-editor plus notebook and scrapbook space. That’s how it started, and that’s how its gone  I have not attempted to write long essays–though I hope to down the line–and neither have I tried to do any academic writing here. (I have at times, commented on my teaching experiences and discussed some writings of mine.) This remains, resolutely, a bit of an informal grab bag.

A year on, and I’m still here, which is a good sign. I enjoy writing here, even if, as might be expected, it can be a struggle at times. I’ve blogged with some frequency, on the theory that I would stop blogging if I didn’t blog regularly. I’ve not, however, blogged while on vacation so my two trips out of New York have resulted in two extended gaps in posting; I’ve not minded that, not in the least; the breaks have been invigorating. (I’ve thought about blogging while on the road but have not enjoyed it so I don’t think I will try it again.) There is still no discernible focus here, which has been, on occasion, pointed out to me as cause for concern and sometimes, conversely, as a strong point. I have sometimes been foolishly intemperate; sometimes confused; sometimes vague; sometimes too quick; par for the course for writing online in a forum like this, I think.

My readership remains modest and suitably ego-deflating. I get a small number of hits every day because of search engines; some folks come here via the links I post on Facebook or Twitter; and there are too, a few folks that read this blog via RSS feeds or email subscriptions. Occasionally, someone has been kind enough to share my posts elsewhere and that has always helped to bring in more readers. I remain very grateful for such gestures of interest. Given the amount of great writing available on the ‘Net, I’m still amazed that anyone reads anything here. I’ve often not been able to respond to comments from readers, because I’ve become caught up with other things and only had time to come back and write my next post. I’ve worked on getting better at this but I’m not sure I can always keep up. Then, there were those readers that were offended by my writing and said so; a couple of readers left in a huff because of disagreements with me in the comments space.

I intend to keep blogging in similar fashion–in terms of frequency and content–for a little while, though for personal reasons I expect my posting frequency to drop off next year. Next year, other writing projects, long on hold, will take up more of my time, but I will continue to post here as and when possible. I also hope to convert some of the pieces here into longer form essays; the posts here will serve as embryonic forms of more extended reflections on the themes touched on in there.

So, really, there you have it. I’ve written a bit here, and I’ll continue to write some more. Thanks for reading. Comments welcome.

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Blog!

  1. Congrats! I have been very impressed with your consistant & regular posting over the past year 🙂 Nice work! A very interesting blog to have in my reader every day.

  2. Hi Samir.

    The real question is: how do you manage? I mean, you have written 320 posts in 365 days, how do you find the time to work? Do you eat? Sleep? Go to the toilet?

    I have learned may words and expressions, and a lot of unknown opinions on things I never thought about.

    I really thing this blog of yours is an exercise on writing with a lot of style. It is working!!!



  3. And here I was thinking you don’t blog enough over on Cecile’s writers, not realising you had a complete other blog of your own! And how modest are you being describing your modest and ego-deflating readership, I thought my following at a meagre 400 was significant, guess my ego has now been sufficiently deflated, but still I don’t like to call it meagre, those are presumably real people out there and 40 followers are as important to me at 400 or 1400 🙂

    Love that you’ve been controversial and well done on being so prolific, I’ve not been so regular because I try to stick to books, but it is true that I often get a spike in numbers when I go outside that subject – but it’s not about the numbers really is it 🙂

    Hope you’ve saved up some good topics for the next 365 days!

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