Newsflash: Fatherhood Impedes Blogging

I became a father–for the first time–on Sunday, which has made blogging a little difficult. I hope to resume ‘normal service’ (well, an attenuated version thereof) sometime soon. Two nights in a maternity ward, four sleepless nights in total, a beautiful baby, an exhausted mother; it all adds up, if you catch my drift. On the bright side: a beautiful baby, ecstatic parents, the miracle of a new life and new person; it makes you want to write even more. A host of topics present themselves: the medical profession, midwives, the peculiar delirium of sleeplessness, hospital food, Brooklyn babies, the trials and travails of medical residencies, the nerve-wracking process of choosing a name (in our case, without knowing the baby’s sex), birth announcements on Facebook, it goes on. All in good time. For now, I must tear myself away reluctantly (not!) from the keyboard to see if I can find a horizontal surface on which to sleep. Laundry, dishes, cooking, and of course, diaper changes await. Oh, and yes, a beautiful baby. (I seem to dimly remember saying that before.)

Cheers all, see you soon.

7 thoughts on “Newsflash: Fatherhood Impedes Blogging

  1. Many congratulations to you and Noor Samir! Words may fail you for a little while, but it seems like a small price to pay… Send some pics. Hope to meet her before long. Love to all k x

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    On 27/12/2012, at 8:40, Samir Chopra wrote:

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  2. And so it should – impede blogging, what a joyful festive period for you both, congratulations and best of luck with this new stage in your life, you are about to fall in love all over again, in a way you never knew possible. Enjoy every moment.

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