Wanted: Presidential ‘Leadership’ In North Dakota (#NODAPL)

As I have noted on this blog before (here and here), America is not done with Native Americans yet. You might have imagined that banishment to impoverished reservations was the final insult to historical injury, but apparently much work, like the denial of clean drinking water–the provision of which in certain communities seems increasingly beyondContinue reading “Wanted: Presidential ‘Leadership’ In North Dakota (#NODAPL)”

The Daily Shower As Nero-ish Luxury

Sometimes the most mundane of experiences can serve as a particularly acute reminder of how my life in the present differs from that lived in the past. And sometimes that experience can serve too, to put a simple daily act into global context. For some twenty-five years now, whether in the US (1987-2000; 2002-present) orContinue reading “The Daily Shower As Nero-ish Luxury”