Beverly Gage Misses the Mark on Ken Burns’ ‘The War’

Ken Burns‘ The War–a seven-episode, fourteen-hour documentary on the Second World War, released in 2007–was never going to find favor with all who viewed it. Mostly because it is unabashedly sentimental, an unforgivable sin for those of ironic and skeptical persuasion. Even granted this, Beverly Gage‘s review in Slate–which I read after finishing my viewContinue reading “Beverly Gage Misses the Mark on Ken Burns’ ‘The War’”

Matthew Yglesias Does Not Seem to Understand E-Commerce

Matthew Yglesias is skeptical of people who think e-commerce giant Amazon has a creepy, monopolistic plan to take over the world of retail. He quotes Jay Goltz, ‘proprietor of a small retail store’ as saying it is ‘impossible to make money competing with Amazon…because Amazon itself isn’t making money’: Why would a company choose toContinue reading “Matthew Yglesias Does Not Seem to Understand E-Commerce”