On Being Mistaken for a ‘Worker’

Variants of the following situation have, I think, occurred in many people’s lives here in the US. (I have been on both the giving and receiving end, so to speak.) You walk into a store (or perhaps a restaurant), perusing its offerings. You do not find what you need; you are confused; you need assistance.Continue reading “On Being Mistaken for a ‘Worker’”

The Glamorous Life: Waiting Tables on the Upper West Side

In the summer of 1994, broke and increasingly desperate, I roamed New York City, or rather, just Manhattan, looking for work as a bartender. I had worked as one before, in Newark, and hoped that I would find an employment venue which would provide me with the Holy Grail of bartending work: an interesting barContinue reading “The Glamorous Life: Waiting Tables on the Upper West Side”