The Year That Was, Here, On This Blog

The formal two-year anniversary of this blog was sometime back in November; as I was traveling then I couldn’t put up a commemorative post; this year-end dispatch will have to do as substitute marker for that occasion. 2013 was a busy year for blogging here, though I blogged on fewer occasions than I did inContinue reading “The Year That Was, Here, On This Blog”

The Peculiar Allure of Blog Search Terms

Like most blogging platforms WordPress provides statistics on blog views: unique visitors, referring pages, and most interestingly search terms that bring viewers here. ┬áThe following, for instance, are yesterday’s entries for this blog: a municipal report what is the narrator’s attitude toward the south failure of kindness www american horror story season 3 walking deadContinue reading “The Peculiar Allure of Blog Search Terms”