Father’s Day is Almost Over, Hurrah

I have never celebrated Father’s Day and to this day have not had occasion to, for this is my first Father’s Day. I moved to the US in 1987 and did not celebrate in it India; my father passed away in 1979. I’ve received a couple of Facebook messages, some in-person congratulations and thankfully, noContinue reading “Father’s Day is Almost Over, Hurrah”

The Slap of Love: A Mother’s Day Story

I should have 9511 stories about my mother. One for my every day of my life that she was alive. Today, I’ll recount just one of them. As just-above-waist-high kids, my brother and I used the local park for our evening sports sessions. In the winters, this mean cricket; in the summers, soccer. Play endedContinue reading “The Slap of Love: A Mother’s Day Story”